Chris Sarjeant

Massage Therapist

I have been operating Eumundi Massage situated at the Pavilion Market since 1998. Eumundi Massage is located in the Log Cabin to the right of the Pavilion Market area. As massage therapist I find using a mixture of Swedish, Remedial and Sports massage gives a client a more relaxed and a general sense of wellbeing. Sports massage can be applied to everyone and not just to sports people as the title suggests, and the use of Remedial/deep tissue to fix problem areas.

Purpose of Massage

Massage is the precise manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. It can be utilized as a therapeutic agent by assisting bodily functions in many different ways Massage, can improve you sleep, improves circulation, encourages lymph flow through the body and rids the body of toxins that it has been absorbed from pollution and over exercise. Massage relieves muscle soreness; tension and. Massage therapy helps rid the body of excess lactic acid. It can be categorized into many different forms and is often referred to as Sport's Massage, Remedial massage or Swedish massage. Massage is the systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. It can be utilized as a therapeutic agent by assisting bodily functions in many different ways.

1 To Soothe Swedish massage movements are of a mainly soothing nature. They relax the client by their reflex action on the nervous system. A soothing rhythm or vibration is set up in the body its cells will sympathies with it. When the nervous system registers a sensory stimulus from a physical sensation the impulse passes into the spinal cord and disperses through the central and autonomic nervous systems producing various effects in any zone supplied by the same segment of the spinal cord. If the sensation is soothing a relaxation of the nerves will result and will in turn result in relaxation of the deeper organs.

2. To Stimulate Remedial Massage can also be stimulating. The heavier movements encourage the flow of blood and thus oxygen throughout the body. This increased circulation in turn results in the stimulation of bodily processes such as digestion, assimilation and elimination. The nervous system can be stimulated in the same way.

3. As a therapy (Therapeutic) Massage may also have a therapeutic effect upon a known ailment. Some of its effects are brought about by:

In fact most forms of massage have been based on ancient techniques that have been passed down through history and from many cultures from around the world and have developed their own individual modes of bodywork and are often integrated into a vast range of holistic healing practices, like Indian ayurvedic, Reiki, Shiatsu.

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